New U106 Y DNA super panel test

A DNA testing company announced yesterday that they had completely reworked their U106 panel. In terms of male haplogroups,  R1b or M-343 (Same Haplogroup. Old name versus new name) is considered the western modal Haplogroup.  It is the most common male Haplogroup in Europe and by proxy,  the United States. There are two main branches of R1b –  P312 and  U106.  This test will take someone who is  U106+ and then drill all the way down to their terminal subclade for $99. To get that same information,  I spent significantly more money that that.  It is easily the best deal going if you know you are U106. If you take this and you turn up  A11475,  contact me.

Here’s where you can see and order the test.

YSEQ U106 Panel