Living DNA Results Part 2

Autosomal DNA results are very good out to about 4th cousin range. After that, the randomness of DNA and the smaller amounts of DNA remaining make it more challenging. That being said, I’ve been able to use DNA along with traditional geneology to prove connections to 10th and 11th cousins. Living DNA specifically states that their results are really useful out to 4-5 generations. Unfortunately for me, I have to go back to 4th great grandparents and beyond to get to immigrants into the United States. I would imagine that my results are skewed somewhat because of that time lag but it is interesting to see where they say we come from. I’m having my dad’s DNA tested as well to see what it tells me.

They break this down by global, regional and sub-regional levels. They also will have three levels of accuracy. One is very conservative, one is moderate and the last will be more speculative. Currently, only the middle setting is working.

The global setting and regional are both about the same for me – since I’m primarily European.








I’ll post the next three and then cover the data. These are all the sub-regional maps and percentages.

sub reginal














Europe 100%

Great Britain and Ireland 72.8%

East Anglia 16.3%
South Central England 9.3%
Northwest England 6.6%
Southwest Scotland and Northern Ireland 6.1%
Devon 5.6%
North Yorkshire 5.6%
South England 3.9%
Northumbria 3.6%
Cumbria 3.1%
Central England 3%
South Wales Border 2%
South Wales 1.3%
Ireland 1.2%
Cornwall 1.2%
Aberdeenshire 1.1%
Great Britain and Ireland (unassigned) 3%

Europe (North and West) 26%

France 26%
Europe (unassigned) 1.2%

This definitely agrees with the Y DNA distribution I’ve seen for L-1 (My Y DNA subclade) so I tend to agree with it. We have a number of British lines Terrell, Harrison, Reed, Luster and Hilton among others.

I shared the entire results and you can see their format at –

Griz’s Living DNA results

I’ll compare and contrast my dad’s results when they come in.


P.S. This message from the Living DNA site seems they’re having some issues differentiating between East Anglican and some Germanic/Danish/Netherlands (Frisian) DNA. Thus my East Anglican is way over-reported. That brings me some comfort because that was skewing things the wrong way.